Staff Directory

Our staff telephone and email directory is listed here by department.

Anthony Mignone – Chief Executive Officer
Kathy Hochman – Chief Operating Officer, x12
Tina Bogart – Office Administrator, x20

Health Home and NHTD
Katie Clayton – NHTD Service Coordinator/Health Home Supervisor x19
Leigh-Ann Davies – NHTD Service Coordinator/Health Homes Care Manager, x33
Laura Burgher – NHTD Service Coordinator/Health Homes Care Manager, x 28
Juliet Greenwood – NHTD Service Coordinator/Health Homes Care Manager, x43

Community Transitions
Chris – Open Doors Transition Specialist, x32
Andrea Chrisjohn – Open Doors Transition Specialist, x33
Tom Caplan – Olmstead Housing Subsidy Specialist, x18

Community Habilitation | Waiver Respite
Brenda DeBaun – ComHab & Waiver Respite Supervisor, x30

Keith Gurgui – Systems Advocate, 845-256-8928
Debbie Denise – Benefits Advisor, (Social Security; Pass Plan; Transportation; Public Assistance; Medicare; Medicaid; Pooled Trust, HiiCAP) x24

Gloria Toporowski – Special Education Advocate, x14
Renee Falanga-Brenner – Transition Service Coordinator, x47

Employment Services
Hillary NicholsSupervisor of Employment Services/ACCES-VR Information, x35
Gemma Calinda – Employment Specialist, x16
Christine Castellana – Employment Specialist, x37
Jennifer Mehlich – Employment Specialist, x16
Kim Parrett – Employment Specialist, x16
Catherine Spada – Employment Specialist, x26
Ellen Wren – Business Liaison for Employment Services, x36

Architectural Modification | Loan Closet
Gilles Malkine – Architectural Modification Consultant & Loan Closet Representative/Accessibility Issues, x27

Support Staff
Marge Knox – Assistant Office Manager, x21
Jan Melchior – HR Onboarding, Marketing,and Fundraising Specialist, x40

Fiscal Office
Qiwanna HyltonSupervisor of Representative Payee Services
Miriam Oreglio – Rep Payee Assistant
Rachel Fischetti – Senior Bookkeeper
Betsy Albany – Bookkeeper


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