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RCAL Advocates in Albany

RCAL staff participated in a successful advocacy day on February 25, sponsored by the New York Association on Independent Living at the state Capitol in Albany. Together, with over 200 advocates from around the state, we met with local legislators to push for increased funding for Independent Living Centers, key budget priorities and legislative items including protecting the rights of dual eligible New Yorkers (covered by both Medicare and Medicaid) who will be enrolled in mandatory managed long-term care.

If you would like more details on the day’s priorities, feel free to contact RCAL’s systems advocate Keith Gurgui via e-mail at kgurgui@rcal.org.

Call to Action: NY State Spinal Cord Injury Research Program (SCIRP)

The NY State Spinal Cord Injury Research Program (SCIRP) continues in their endless effort toward finding a cure for Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI). Keith Gurgui, RCAL Systems Advocate, plays a major role in this effort and this SCIRP video. Please take a moment to watch this video and learn how you can help make a difference.

Video Link

The video explains how funding was created for this program in 1988, but taken away 12 years later. The #1 cause of Spinal Cord Injuries are Motor Vehicle Accidents. Initially, Paul Richter created a bill which would collect a surcharge on moving traffic violations, being these violations are linked to these injuries. While the surcharge is still being collected, it is not going to the NY SCI Research Program– it has been reallocated, though this was not the original statute of the law.

To voice your opinion and make a difference for people with SCI,  contact legislators and Gov. Cuomo and state, “I support the return of funds to the NY Spinal Cord Injury Research Program.”

New York State Assembly Members

Click here to contact Governor Cuomo [or call (518) 474-8390]